We like to buy houses that have been neglected over time and bring them back to life for today’s market to rent or sell.  If you are thinking of selling and require a quick turnaround we would be interested in hearing from you.


If you do not want to use the traditional route of Estate agents, having difficulties selling your home,  want a quick sale, or are you a tired landlord wanting to move on? We can help.


Accidental? Tired? Section24? No longer motivated, for whatever the reason?  Please contact us for a quick discussion, we will have a solution to hand.  What do you have to lose?

Angel Investing

Fed up with low-interest rates on your savings.  Want your savings to work harder for you?  We have a number of solutions that can help you achieve these returns. Contact us for a discussion on the possible options we have currently available.

Deal Sourcing

We sometimes get deals that we cannot complete for various reasons. As seasoned property investors, we pass these on to other investors that would be interested. Deal Sourcing does not cost the seller a penny just some of their time is required.  This method of getting the deal done can be as swift as a week!